The CultureStat Rapid UTI Detection System
represents a significant advance in the area of urine culture testing. The system is a self-contained total microbe test which objectively determines the presence or non-presence of log phase bacteria by light spectrophotometry and computer-driven statistical analysis.

Compact, portable and extremely easy to use, the CultureStat Rapid UTI Detection System dramatically improves the practice of testing for urinary tract infections in hospitals and independent laboratories.

Performance characteristics include the following:

  • Two-read methodology ensures accurate, confirmed results
  • Initial incubation is 1 hour (or 30 minutes if sample is known to be less than two hours old) and most negative samples are identified by the first CultureStat reading following the initial incubation (results available in 30-60 minutes)
  • For suspect samples, a second reading is conducted following a 2-hour incubation, so confirmed positive/negative results for suspect samples are available in 2.5-3 hours
  • Hospitals can quickly and easily become compliant with CLSI, AMA and ASM guidelines for testing fresh samples
  • Testing time for each read (including recording the patient’s bar code or other identification information, conducting the test and recording the results) is only
    10-20 seconds per sample, so technician workload is significantly reduced
  • CultureStat distinguishes between log and lag phase bacterial growth
  • Dramatic reduction of false positive results and required speciation culturing
  • Portability of system means that testing can be conducted inside or outside the central laboratory
  • Faster results enable hospitals to diagnose and treat more patients out of the ER and discharge ER and admitted patients more quickly, which significantly reduces costs 
  • Results are automatically recorded on computer database and can be automatically uploaded to the hospital's primary database system
  • Hospitals can efficiently test incoming patients for present-on-admission (POA) infections and confirm absence of nosocomial infections when discharging patients
For more information on how CultureStat improves upon current testing methodologies, please see About CultureStat.